CPF and Sustainability

In 2013, The Company has determined strategic directions for corporate social responsibility to sustainability under the “3 pillars: “Food Security”, “Self-Sufficiency Society”, and “Balance of Nature” based on the core philosophy “3-Benefit to Sustainability for the Country, People, and Company”, for business challenges, and global business trends.

CPF - "Kitchen of The World"

We pride oueselves in providing safe

and high quality foods that promote

for all lives on earth.

As a leader in agro-industrial and food conglomerate, the Company recognizes roles and responsibilities inpromoting “Food security” to enable all people at all times to have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life among the social trends and climate change, which considered as both national and global challenges.

The Company dedicates to the research and development of innovations that add values and benefits to enhance quality and food safety, which is able to response trend changes. This is to ensure that innovations will enhance the worth and value of the business, social, and environment. Meanwhile, the Company also focus on promoting knowledge, capabilities, career, and life to all employees, business partners, and the community, as well as the conservation of natural resources and the environment which is significant cost of food production.

The Company believes that through innovation and efficiency, the Company can enhance quality and food safety and create healthy and self-reliance society regardless of the limited natural resources. In this way, the Company can reduce adverse environmental impact as well as reinforcing social and economic sustainability.

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